Frederico Fontoura da Silva Cais

Frederico received his law degree in 1994 from the University of São Paulo Law School and holds an LL.M. in civil procedural law from the same school as well as specialization in tax law from the University Extension Center. He was an assistant professor of civil procedure law at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and professor of general procedural theory at Faculty of the Americas Law School. He is the author or coauthor of two books: Fraude de Execução (“Fraud against Execution”), published by Saraiva (2005), and Comentários à Lei de Ação Civil Pública e Lei de Ação Popular (“Comments on the Law of Public Civil Actions and the Law of Class Actions”), a collective work, published by Quartier Latin (2006). He also is the author of many articles in specialized reviews. He is a member of the Center for Advanced Procedural Law Studies.

•Practice areas: Dispute resolution and prevention, administrative law and tax law.