Homar Cais

Homar received his law degree in 1964 from the University of São Paulo Law School. As a student he worked as an intern in the firm headed by the renowned attorney Theotonio Negrão. After graduation he practiced law until 1971, when he was approved in the public examination for a position with the São Paulo State Prosecutor’s Office. Then in 1974 he was approved in a public examination for a federal judgeship in São Paulo. As a judge he sat on the Regional Electoral Court of Appeals in 1988 and 1989 and then served as Vice President and Chief of Internal Affairs of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Region in 1989-1991, after which he served as President of that Court from 1991 to 1993. He retired from the federal bench in 1997, and returned to the practice of law.

•Practice areas: Tax law, administrative law and dispute resolution and prevention
•E-mail: homar@caiscadvogados.com.br